naklejka 3D z chipem NFC

3D Epoxy stickers with NFC chips
(Near Field Communication)

NFC stickers are the small chips which can be connected with the supporting NFC devices. We are able to keep on them different information, data or instruction, what is more, NFC stickers don’t need power supply. NFC stickers can have diverse forms – we offer 3D epoxy stickers or 3D promotional keychains which contain NFC chips. They allow to tag all things – products, posters, books or information desks. When you decide on them, you have to focus on its appropriation, because they vary in size and shape. Such of them have only 48 KB of memory, and other even 1 MB of it. What is more, such of them are reusable and other not.

How can you use 3D NFC stickers?

Setting „home mode" – For example, putting near the front door 3D NFC sticker allows to turn on the Wi-Fi, turn off Bluetooth and mobile data. Properly programmed sticker, by the next scanning turn back actions.
Setting „night mode" – 3D NFC sticker can reduce sound level, set alarm, eventually set airplane mode or set clock in a night mode.
SMS – Touch your phone to 3D NFC sticker to automatically send sms with information, that you are at home.
Remote turning on a computer – When you come to house you can scan 3D NFC sticker, which transfer a signal to a computer, as a consequence it will be turned on (via wake on LAN).
Broadcasting WiFi – Instead of giving password, you can offer your friends 3D NFC sticker, which will connect their phones with your WiFi network.

At work:
In a workplace – 3D NFC sticker allows to connect with company network or mute a phone. What is more, it can open an app with list of tasks.
On a laptop/tablet – 3D NFC sticker enables to active in a phone a hotspot, as a consequence you can connect very fast with the internet.
On a poster – 3D NFC sticker, which is putting on the poster, can show you the reviews, describe or connect with an appropriate side where you have opportunity buy ticket.
On a business card – It is necessary having at least one business card with 3D NCF sticker, on that will be saving our contact details which can be imported to a phone. When we are at some meeting and don’t have any business card we can propose to scan information from our business card with 3D NFC sticker.
In the bookshop – 3D NFC stickers, which are putting on the books or shelfs, allow familiarize oneself with the reviews of books, author or him work.
In the museum – 3D NFC stickers, which are putting next to museum pieces, can supply all information about them.
In the information desk – the travelers, who scan a 3D NFC sticker, get all information, for instance about plan of town.
Social media – A appropriate programmed 3D NFC sticker allows to "give like" some profil on Facebook or follow some account on Twitter. It is interesting way to promote different kind of products.
At the stop or in public transport – 3D NFC sticker can display whole timetable and price of tickets.

In car:
3D NFC sticker allows to turn on car mode – turns on Bluetooth and speakerphone. We can program sticker to turn on, for example GPS.

During training:
3D NFC sticker or a promotional keychain, that we keep in bag, able to set airplane mode or lovely training music. All this things help us to focus on training.

Tap your smartphone to 3D NFC sticker and obtain programmed data.