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Meet, product labeling of premium class.

Product labeling is used in all industries. The scale and complex labeling system depends on the type of product. It is important to remember about visibility and emphasizing the visual identity of brands.

Resin stickers allow for a special distinction of a trademark, additionally protecting it against weather conditions and mechanical damage. It is a practical and economical way of marking, which works well in most types of products. Our offer includes:

  • resin stickers 
  • flat stickers
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Resin stickers.

Resin stickers are made by screen printing, offset or digital printing, and then coated with a layer of polyurethane resin. The resin-coated sticker is resistant to weather conditions, such as humidity, extreme temperatures, solar radiation, as well as many chemical factors (e.g. used in car washes)..

3D stickers are used in the broadly understood presentation of a trademark, where the aesthetics of its implementation proves the quality of the product and the company’s prestige, creating a favorable image of the manufacturer. Thanks to their versatility, doming stickers are also suitable for elegant labeling of products from various industries: household appliances, electronics, automotive industry and many others. We offer the following types of resin stickers: printed on white/silver/gold/transparent foil, characters and inscriptions, automotive stickers and with NFC chip.

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Flat stickers.

Flat stickers are one of the methods for marking products. They are made by screen printing, offset or digital printing.

Stickers can have any shape and size, they are delivered individually or on sheets. It is an easy and cheap way to present visual identity, which works in many industries such as household appliances, automotive, industrial or as an advertising article.

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