How to prepare a file for printing? Golden rules.

When placing an order for 3D stickers, be sure to properly prepare the file for printing. This guarantees the best mapping of the project.

File Format. The basic issue is the format of the file saved for printing. Given the variety of software used by graphic designers, this is the basis for avoiding mistakes in completing the order. the more commonly used format is PDF that allows you to save vector graphics. Thanks to it, the quality of the graphic file is preserved during export. Other formats are also accepted. The file can be delivered as cr, psd, ai, eps or tiff.

CMYK. The quality of the file’s print, and thus the 3D stickers, is affected by the use of appropriate color space. Graphics can be designed, taking into account technologies, in CMYK or RGB space. However, the first one is used in solvent or offset printing. They are used in the production of stickers coated with polyurethane resin.

Fonts. When preparing the file for printing, remember to convert the text into curves. This is important because of the variety of types of fonts on your computer. If the font used in the project is not installed, the computer will not see it. After transforming the text into curves, it is no longer editable by changing into a mathematical notation of the arrangement of the curves.

Bleeds. When preparing the design, set the appropriate bleed value, for convex stickers it is 1.5 mm. This will avoid any white borders around the sticker, which may arise in the process of cutting by moving the plotter cutting knife.

Graphics resolution. To maintain sharpness, set the resolution before printing. Their proper resolution is 300 ppi. A lower value is not sufficient to maintain high print quality.

How to prepare a file for printing? Golden rules. 1